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inthisissue May 2007
It Belongs Here!
Relief mixed with his excitement when Winston Kelley learned Charlotte had beat out five other cities and landed the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Now, more than a year later, construction is underway on the project and the people of Charlotte are gearing up for its arrival, excited about the impact the Hall will have on the city.
Canvassing the Competition
Sports is a growing market with plenty of potential for business. Carrying on their father’s legacy, Larry and Jeff Schwartz are capitalizing on this by manufacturing handcrafted sports and recreational products while helping develop tomorrow’s champions.
A Capital Opportunity
Established to secure scholarships, job-training programs, equipment, and faculty support, the Foundation has helped countless students attain their educational aspirations. With the help of persuasive leaders, donors often find it hard to say no to being part of something “meaningful.”
The Properties of Success
Though the Lake Norman area has changed since 1971, the way Bob Hecht runs his business hasn’t. He remains dedicated to offering every customer an unrivaled real estate experience while maintaining a positive work environment for his staff.
The Other Side of Envy
In 2004, Chuck Griffith began searching for a way to combine his passion for bikes with his marketing experience, which led him to building a custom bike business. He now works hard to deliver superior quality, performance and total originality to his customers.
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Staking a Larger Claim in UNC Charlotte
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