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inthisissue December 2006
Bobcats on the Prowl
Fred Whitfield is a self-proclaimed optimist. That’s good, because the new president and chief operating officer of the Charlotte Bobcats realizes he has some hurdles to scale. He wants to improve the image of the franchise and its organization. He sounds like a realist as he ticks off his challenges. Whitfield’s job boils down to filling more seats for Charlotte Bobcats home games and improving community relations.
[Whitehead Associates, Inc.]
Re-creating Our Future
Mike Whitehead’s job is executive consulting. He conducts group and individual leadership, culture and team development for many of the most prestigious and successful companies in the area, who pay a considerable sum to share his point of view on their business. What they may not realize is that he had to pay a lot to learn what he knows.
[Webb and Partners, Inc.]
Planning to Succeed
Project manager means different things to different people but what Webb and Partners does is truly unique: they sit in the owner’s seat, overseeing everything required to take a commercial real estate development project from conception to reality and beyond. The number one benefit Webb and Partners’ clients receive is profiting from the project managers’ expertise.
[Targeted Golf Solutions, Inc.]
An Epiphany
Golf is a frustrating game, but there is a teaching method that brings what Richard Brasser calls an epiphany for those who desire to play it well. Brasser knows and uses that method. Targeted Golf, founded in 1999, allows business people to use golf as a way to impress clients and recruit new ones.
[Payroll Plus, Inc.]
Payroll Plus So Much More...
Although working in salary commissions gave John Hettwer a large salary, the 90-hour workweeks eventually began taking their toll. Work and life were seriously out of balance. So when an old buddy approached him with the opportunity to open a payroll processing company, Hettwer dove into the payroll biz with his typical drive and passion. And he hasn’t looked back.
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The Swing of the Political Pendulum
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