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inthisissue July 2006
Braving the Narrows
The concept is revolutionary, and the amount of resources needed to fuel the endeavor is impressive, but what is perhaps most interesting is how much the process of building the project resembled navigating the narrows of a particularly nasty rapid. Since the project began, ideological hurdles, funding challenges, design changes, logistical battles and copious day-to-day development issues helped shape the course of the park. Speaking to Jeff Wise, you’d think that was just part of the fun.
[Edifice, Inc.]
Structured for Satisfaction
Amidst steady growth, Edifice enjoys a stellar reputation for professionalism and on-time delivery, and exhibits the highest level of civic commitment. Eric Laster credits its success to the strength of its workforce: “I believe we’ve got the best people…you’ve got to create a culture and environment where your employees enjoy their jobs on a daily basis.”
[Carolina Parenting, Inc.]
It’s Not Mere Child’s Play
Today’s busy parents welcome anything that makes their lives easier as they navigate those sometimes harrowing, nevertheless enchanting years of parenthood. Hail Carolina Parenting – a significant resource in that regard, with three publications targeting parents across North Carolina, and a vehicle for advertisers to reach a specific audience.
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