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inthisissue May 2006
A Surge of New Energy
With over a hundred years behind them, Duke Energy Carolinas is poised to push for an even brighter future with Ellen Ruff as its new president. She’s ready to help position the venerable utility to serve a new generation of Carolinians with the power necessary for continued economic vitality. “In the end,” she says, “it’s being able to make a difference – for the community and for the future.”
[Ross & Witmer]
Family Firm Finds Charlotte’s Comfort Zone
Ross & Witmer is now a 3rd generation-owned company whose principals are doing business with other 3rd-generationers. Like their fathers, these guys grew up doing odd jobs in the business. They’re not a lot of hype, not a flash-in-the pan, just a good solid family-owned company doing quality work and striving for customer satisfaction.
[Crescent Resources]
Refuge in the Midst
Crescent Resources’ land along Lake Wylie that is now adjacent to Thomas M. Winget Park probably looks the same as it did a century ago when Lake Wylie was created: rolling hills, mature hardwood forests and untouched shoreline. Although new development is underway, The Sanctuary is working hard to ensure that it stays that way.
[Carolina Legal Staffing]
Legal Scout
John Lassiter’s transition from litigation and regulatory law to corporate law to legal recruiting is a rare occurrence these days. By today’s standards, the ability of a lawyer to make drastic shifts in career focus is untenable, precisely because of the advances in recruiting that businesses like Lassiter’s helped forge.
[Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems]
Frankly Speaking, It's a Family Affair
Ty Boyd was always a favorite; during his 17 years as a broadcaster, he had always felt a responsibility to meet as many of his listeners and viewers as he could. With his breadth of speaking experience, it was understandable how he, with the help of his family, developed a course to teach executives just that.
[publisher's Post]
Battle for Reform of Health Care is Being Waged!
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