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inthisissue April 2006
Connect, Engage, Enhance.
CEO Andy Calhoun is quick to credit the success of the YMCA to every volunteer, donor, member, and staff member: “The history of our volunteerism, and its quality and commitment, is simply unparalleled. And, as a result, we have the happy duty of reaching out and positively shaping the lives of individuals, families, children and communities in the true spirit of servant leadership.”
[Tyler 2 Construction, Inc.]
Running With The Big Dogs
After years of building a general contracting business, success looks different to Katie Tyler these days. She wants rapid growth, but there’s a bigger goal for this top dog; for Tyler, “letting go the short leash” might be her most difficult task yet, but she’s confident her team will perform superbly. “For me,” she adds, “it’s all about achievement.”
[UNCC Belk MBA Program]
Framing Your Future Possibilities
The Belk College of Business has been educating future business leaders in Charlotte since the mid-1960s. Today, the MBA program has dynamic new leadership since Ronald Veith assumed the role of director in June 2005. With 23 years of experience in business consulting, Veith brings a new energy and sense of direction to the program.
[Baxter-Harriss Co., Inc.]
The Logic of Logistics
Invisibility to manufacturers’ customers means success for a warehousing firm. The seamless process that takes products from manufacturers to warehousing and through distribution is the magic of third-party logistics. For partners Herb and Drew Harriss and John Kiser, of Baxter-Harriss in Belmont, mixing up such magic is part of an ordinary day.
[Group Insurance Solutions, LLC]
Offering a Diversified Benefits Group
Carroll Gennings helps clients with a wide range of insurance products – health, life, dental, disability, vision, and voluntary products – assisting from beginning to end with identifying needs, choosing a carrier, presenting to employees, handling paperwork, interacting with the carrier, and solving problems and answering questions.
[publisher's Post]
Imagine a Big Bathtub with a Faucet and a Drain!
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