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inthisissue February 2006
Debunking the Myth
Frances Haithcock, in her interim role as CMS Superintendent, continues to dispel the myths of poor performance and disorder that unfairly cling to the school system. Early returns on Haithcock credit her for her openness and willingness to listen, for creating a regular dialogue between school authorities and the community, and for giving what “the people in this community have hollered that they wanted.”
X Marks the Spot... and a Lot More!
ESRI is a leading developer of GIS software used to create digital maps and related databases. Like the CMPD’s crime maps and the POLARIS real estate system, the maps it creates unlock spatial data, already a part of many companies’ data assets, giving the vision and analysis necessary to save time and money – and to make better decisions.
[VisionCor, Inc.]
Converting Information Overload into Knowledge on Demand
In today’s world of technology, businesses access infinite amounts of information with the click of a button. While all this information may be enabling, information overload can be disabling. VisionCor helps clients capture, gather, design, and develop corporate information and to provide employees with the information training they need to work smarter, faster.
[Bank of Commerce]
Banking on Small Business
Wes Sturges and start-up bank seem synonymous. The three-decade veteran of Charlotte financial institutions is opening his second bank in 10 years. Bank of Commerce is focusing on the needs of small-to-mid-sized business customers, and giving them outstanding service. Sturges says, “We’ll be much more aggressive in getting out to the customer’s place of business.”
[Ralph Whitehead Associates]
Navigating the Transportation Industry
Founded in 1959, RWA is a multi-discipline professional services firm offering planning, engineering, and construction management services for state, federal, local/municipal and private clients. RWA landed an important street and grade separation project for the city in 1961. It was to be the first of more than 100 projects RWA would design in Charlotte over the next quarter century.
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One for All and All for One!
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