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inthisissue December 2005
Lofty Goals in Action
Cathy Bessant, Bank of America's global marketiing executive, sets higher standards for herself as well as the bank, as she talks about her job reinforcing the global reach of the bank's marketing activities and the "Higher Standards" branding theme. Those activities range from local to national to international civic responsibilities - involvement in everything from the Charlotte Chamber to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to NASCAR to baseball to the Olympics. That's global!
[Stewart-Cooper-Newell-Architects, P. A.]
Architecture Niche Yields Success
Although never intending to become specialized, this small architectural firm has gained a national reputation for its work on judicial, law enforcement and fire department projects. Focusing on directly serving clients for the last 34 years, it has designed over 130 facilities across North and South Carolina and the United States.
[Southern Elevator Group, Inc.]
Elevating the Elevator Business
Taking this company from an elevator manufacturer to the largest regional elevator service and repair company in the Carolinas, was no small feat. The genius was not simply cutting out the costs involved in manufacturing, but rather building the face-to-face contact with customers by providing service, repair and modernization.
[Agility Recovery Solutions Inc.]
When You Need IT Now
The core of Agility's service is deceptively simple: They help businesses get back on their feet by providing recovery planning assistance in advance, and then mobile offices, satellite voice and internet capability, power generation, IT hardware, and consulting as necessary during a crisis. The concept is simple, the logistics complicated.
[Hood Hargett Breakfast Club America]
Breakfast as a Business Perk
Eight times a year business owners in Charlotte gather for what might be characterized as a large coffee klatsch, providing a wake up call to networking new business opportunities. Business members, their customers, employees and guests network with each other, while having breakfast and being entertained by an informative speaker.
[publisher's Post]
The Kalamazoo Promise... How about one for Charlotte?
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