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inthisissue November 2005
Paying it Forward
An estimated 4,300 mill jobs were lost when community godfather, Pillowtex, closed its doors. Now business magnate and billionaire David Murdock has returned to Kannapolis to give its economy a much needed, much heralded, shot in the arm: plans and funding for the $1billion, 350-acre, North Carolina Research Campus, a biotechnology research hub to replace the graveyards of empty mill sites.
[LandAmerica Commercial Services]
Courting the Customer
Executives at LandAmerica made the decision to stir things up. They quickly filled several additional key positions and began working on rebuilding team dynamic and developing a new culture for superior customer service. The company's goal is to double their market share by 2008, and they are working tirelessly.
[Belk College of Business]
Belk College Boosts Business Base
Dr. Claude C. Lilly III believes that listening to executives and selfless leadership build a successful business school. Starting his eighth year as dean, Lilly says experience bears out his assessment. As the Belk College of Business celebrates its 35th anniversary this fall, Lilly's formula has it thriving.
[Ben Mynatt Pontiac-Buick-GMC Truck, Inc.]
Driver's Seat
Cyndie Mynatt likes to shake people up - just a little. She is an energetic brunette with a ready smile and contagious enthusiasm. About the last thing you might expect her to do for a living is sell cars. You would never guess that she runs two Ben Mynatt car dealerships and a used car lot.
[Hyatt Coin & Gun Shop]
Family Firearms Business Hits Bull's Eye
Three generations of Hyatts have built this company into one of the largest gun stores in the southeast and one of the biggest in the country with 20,000 square feet packed with 4,000 guns and gun-related items, 100 safes, and one of the area's most extensive selections of rare and collectable coins.
[publisher's Post]
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