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inthisissue October 2005
Coming Home
For over sixty years this Charlotte-born minister has preached to more live audiences than anyone else in history; his messages have reached over 210 million people and spread over more than 185 countries and territories. BGEA has moved its headquarters to a new campus in Charlotte to nurture this legacy, confident that the message Billy has heralded will continue to flourish under the stewardship of his son, Franklin Graham.
[Thomas Petroleum Company]
Pipeline to an Alternative Future
The oil industry can change precipitously at any given moment, but Thomas, an oil man all his life, is prepared to handle it. He’s been savvy at responding to market demands for convenience stores and the like. His most recent innovation is offering alternative fuels, becoming the first in the state to retail ethanol products.
[Rodgers Builders, Inc.]
Building Structures and Relationships
Pat Rodgers worked her way up in this construction business, first by taking courses to learn the business, and subsequently by gaining a lot of actual experience, assuming more responsible positions along the way. Gradually she rose through the ranks to president, and that’s where she’s been running the company since 1988.
[Winthrop University]
Historic on the Outside but High Tech on the Inside
Tony DiGiorgio overcame a vote of “no confidence” early on in his tenure, becoming the longest serving public university president in South Carolina after 17 years. He has taken this historic institution, with serious infrastructure and financial problems, and transformed it with a “Vision of Distinction” to become a first-rate, national caliber contemporary institution.
[Eurostones Company, Inc.]
Rock Solid Fabrication and Family
You might say the Sztyber family’s work is rock solid and sits on a rock solid foundation – family. Their stone craftsmanship can be seen in homes and businesses across the Charlotte region, and each member of the family takes part. But it doesn’t end there; the family behind Eurostones exudes entrepreneurialism as well.
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CMS Schools Need More Focus on Excellence
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