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inthisissue September 2005
Bo's Got It Made
Since its humble beginning as a single store here in Charlotte, Bojangles’ trademark dedication to fresh food and friendly service has garnered a loyal following for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Growth has catapulted nationally to over 350 locations in the Southeast, Midwest and New York/Pennsylvania region, and internationally to locations in China, Honduras and Jamaica.
[BestSweet, Inc.]
The Sweet Taste of Success
This Mooresville company, owned by veteran candy makers for over 75 years, has cooked up a successful line of products using not one lick of sugar. BestSweet is redefining what sugar-free means. The company’s latest product, XLR8, is a nutraceutical, targeting the craze for fitness supplements paired with energy ingredients.
[Slade, Inc.]
Sealing The Deal
Slade built a name on a simple substance: graphite. What began on a long distance call early one morning in May 1988 is now a multi-national market leader with a reputation as a hard-working problem-solver with 13 U.S. and E.U. patents. Slade is the worldwide company that has stayed home.
[Salvin Dental Specialties, Inc.]
Implanted in the Right Niche
Finding the right niche is essential, and this small business has certainly implanted itself nicely. Fully 90 percent its sales come from dental implant instruments. Chief executive Bob Salvin started out carrying disposable dentistry products in his car, and, over the last twenty-some years, has built a business that sells implant instruments worldwide.
[SREE Hotels, L.L.C.]
Room To Grow
“Sree” means respect in India. In Charlotte, thanks to the Patel family, it also means outstanding hospitality served up with class. To date, the Patel family has purchased or constructed roughly one hotel each year, for a total of 27 hotels, mostly in Charlotte with a few in South Carolina and Sacramento.
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Doing Business Relatively Well
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