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inthisissue June 2005
People. Medicine. Performance. Remarkable.
The national debate on health care has reached a staggeringly fierce prominence in political circles and the media. Gadflies debate privatized versus national health care, complain that Americans spend more than our European counterparts for less care, and forecast gloom and doom for the impending flood of baby boomers that will soon need attending.
[FairPoint Communications]
Dialing for Dollars
Constant change has marked the evolution of this Charlotte-based telephone company now big enough to make the country’s Top 20. Gene Johnson, chairman and chief executive officer of FairPoint Communications, Inc., promises more change ahead, and in additional ways.
[Exervio Management Consulting]
Charting the Course
How do you navigate a bad market, sail to the forefront in a good market, race ahead of your competition, chart solutions to business problems, and hoist a vigorous bottom line? According to Anthony (“TJ”) Felice, founder and president of Exervio Management Consulting, the key is placing innovation at the helm.
[CEO Inc.]
Capitalizing on Human Potential
When the young Debby Millhouse envisioned her future, she wasn’t thinking of Charlotte, and she wasn’t dreaming of running an employment agency. But those were only two surprises life had in store for her. Her quest to improve quality of life for herself, her family, and her community has led her to many unexpected adventures.
Is Children's Entertainment Going to the Dogs?
The world of children’s programming is vast and complicated. From creation to branding, from licensing to merchandising, savvy business skills must walk hand-in-hand with not just a little bit of luck, and a dash of magic as well. Toni Steedman knows this all too well, for she is sitting on the precipice of what could be the launch of one of the largest children’s television concepts in recent history
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Our Best Efforts for the NASCAR Hall of Fame
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