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inthisissue April 2005
Pouring It On 100 Years, 1905-2005
In 1893, a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham from New Bern, N.C., created a select mix of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and kola nut extract in an effort to draw people to his pharmacy. After a brief stint as ‘Brad’s Drink,” the drink was renamed in 1898 and patented as the legendary Pepsi-Cola in 1902.
[Integrated ID Solutions]
Integrating ID Security Solutions with Your Business
For a security company, the 9-11 tragedies would seem a watershed. Pat Cosmo, general manager of Charlotte’s Integrated ID Systems, Inc., says that’s true, but in ways the uninitiated wouldn’t imagine
[SMS Catering Services, Inc.]
Catering Business Dishes Out Services
While other kids might have been doodling in school, one imaginative fellow used to draw intricate plans for volleyball and basketball courts and miniature golf courses. Little did R. Robert “Bob” Freeman Jr. know that he was laying the groundwork for his future catering business, SMS Catering Services.
[Scott Jaguar]
Driving the Family Business into the Future
Jim Scott, better know as “Scotty,” is the third generation Scott to oversee a family car business with a history of more than 50 years in Charlotte. Located at the Tyvola Road exit off Interstate 77, it’s hard to miss the majestic mounted silver leaper perched over the Scott Jaguar dealership.
[SportCoins, Inc.]
Coining a New Fan Favorite
Jeff Gordon fans are craving something new this year, and only certain special children are getting it. At each race, Gordon hosts a small number of children from the Make-a-Wish foundation, and to each child he gives a unique, highly coveted SportCoin stamped through with his car number and boasting his signature in relief. Only 150 of these coins have been made, and the only way to get one is for Jeff Gordon himself to hand it to you. This is the business of SportCoins, Inc.
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Are CMS High Schools Obsolete?
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