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inthisissue January 2005
Philip Morris USA: Making Good
Far from the image of smoke-coughing factories and industrial coldness, the Philip Morris manufacturing facility in Concord is the picture of bucolic tranquility – but one example of the dissonance between perception of the company and its reality. Cabarrus County recently heralded the announce-ment of the plant's $200 million investment to upgrade facilities and improve production, securing over 2,600 existing jobs. But the industry’s position is precarious; in what other business does a company have to advertise against its product yet continue to be profitable in a declining market?
[Carroll Financial Associates]
Right On The Money
In the heart of South Park’s marbled Rotunda Building, hammers are pounding and saws are busy carving new offices for Carroll Financial Associates. In December, the esteemed financial planning group made a $2 million purchase of the building, increased its office space by 40 percent, and added four new professionals along with their clients.
[FreemanWhite, Inc.]
Blueprint for Success in Healthcare Design
This century-old business has shaped itself into a value-driven consulting and design firm focusing exclusively on healthcare architecture. It’s national ranking has risen from 78 to 16, revenues have increased from $3.5 million in 1992 to over $28.8 million in 2003, and the number of employees has grown from 38 to over 200.
[Harris Conference Center]
Conferencing Assets to Benefit Charlotte
Affiliated with CPCC, this Center houses 14 thoughtfully-designed conference rooms and a dedicated professional staff, combining high-tech features with high-touch service, including video conferencing capabilities, high-end furnishings and retreat-like settings designed for the comfort of as many as 500 meeting attendees.
BizHub Plugs into Regional Small Business Resources
BizHub operates as a first-stop regional resource center. Its primary focus is to facilitate and enhance access to information, assistance, opportunities and capital; its vision is to be a catalyst for economic growth in the region, making it easier for locally based companies to grow and fuel the economy.
[publisher's Post]
Changing Leadership, Changing Times
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