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inthisissue September 2004
Realizing Returns on Real Estate
What Kleenex is to facial tissue, and Coke is to soda, the Allen Tate Company has become to the Charlotte Region's real estate industry. Drive through any neighborhood in the Charlotte or Triad areas and you are bound to see at least one of Tate's ubiquitous yard signs flaunting the company's maroon sunburst or one of Tate's 26 office locations.
[Time Warner Cable Digital Telephone]
Time Warner Cable: Ringing in the Future of Telephony
Time Warner Cable, the media giant that brought us increased programming, digital video recorders and speedy online access, has almost completed its rollout of residential digital telephone service.
[Wishart Norris Henninger & Pittman]
Tar Heel Law firm Specializes In Serving Closely Held Businesses
This local law firm, with offices also in Burlington and Mebane, concentrates on serving closely held businesses and their owners, focusing on all legal areas that affect them from business transactions to succession planning.
[Port City Electric Company, Inc.]
Wired for Success
PCE is one of the oldest and largest electrical contractors and a major contributor to the fast-paced construction industry. Its name harkens back to when Duke Power created Lake Norman by damming the Catawaba River, and Mooresville positioned itself as the "Port City".
[Dunn Enterprises]
Selling with Dignity
Dunn Enterprises offers innovative and effective sales solutions, taking pressure away from the prospect as well as the salesperson as Dunn says, "... to help people discover how your product would fit, why they really want to buy, and give them the dignity of making that choice."
[publisher's Post]
Are We Becoming a Purple State?
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