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inthisissue August 2004
Center City Growth Pains and Gains
Pick a local hot-button issue – any local issue. Chances are, if you research it hard enough you are going to end up seeing several quotes from Tim Newman, president of Charlotte Center City Partners. Whether it involves mass transit, CATS and light rail; the new arena construction; crime; parking; or historic preservation versus economic development – the debate is raging in his backyard.
[Charlotte Trolley, Inc.]
Charlotte Trolley Restored
Charlotte at six miles per hour. No, it’s not the morning or evening drive time in a city infrastructure suffering the pains of tremendous growth. Rather it’s one of the city’s newest attractions, the Charlotte Trolley, brought to you by a one-of-a-kind city, county and non-profit partnership that has other cities across the country wondering how they can replicate this success story.
The South End Design District
Paris, Milan, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco… Charlotte? When one names the world’s great design cities, Charlotte is unlikely to make the list – yet. As Charlotte is growing into a more significant participant in the world economy, having already achieved the status as a major financial center, the city is becoming a notable player in the design industry as well.
[Family Business Center, Wake Forest University]
Helping Family Business Survive and Thrive
Family Business Center Expert Advice with Affinity Group Discussions
[DCI Home Resource]
Cooking Up New Designs For Living
DCI is a Showcase of Designer Dreams
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