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inthisissue June 2001
Cruising Victory Lane
Felix S. Sabates Jr. has achieved remarkable success by knowing a good thing when he sees it. And, by knowing when itís time to move on.
New Urbanism Reaches the Outerbelt
Ayrsley development will bring neo-traditional design to southwest Charlotte.
Back to Basics
E-Dreamzís e-business consulting is growing despite a national downtrend.
Problem Solvers
At wire and plastics manufacturer Ehren-Haus Industries, former teachers David and Helen-Marie Berthold are still helping people solve problems.
The Professionals
In todayís business climate, what every business needs is a professional. An NFL Intern could give your business an edge.
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Be Involved...Stay Involved!
We have been preoccupied with the June 5th referendum, and understandably so, in our haste to reach a decision so that a new arena could be built in time for the October 2003 basketball season. While the vote totals and turnout will identify support for and against the bundled projects as proposed by City Council, there will still be a great many questions to be answered regarding the bundled package as well as the particular projects.
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