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inthisissue February 2014
Tracking Success
Norfolk Southern’s Intermodal Facility is evidence of a plan coming together: the airport as a central location connecting rail, trucking and port. Freight centers are attracting enormous amounts of business, especially when businesses are looking for efficiencies in this age of e-commerce. With the shifting world trade lanes, the facility also makes Charlotte attractive to the international supply chain.
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[Elite Logistics, LLC]
Supply Chain Success
“Our true purpose is to be ‘The strongest link in the supply chain’ for our clients. This means going above and beyond, continuing to be the dedicated partner we promised to be,” says Matt Matthews, founder of Elite Logistics, LLC. “We focus on getting better and finding new ways to grow, offering new and enhanced services to our existing clients first.”
[American Circuits, Inc.]
Creating Custom Circuitry
When Vic Gondha looks at a circuit board, he sees gold—as in a golden opportunity to build a business, create jobs, feed families and strengthen our domestic and local manufacturing base. “I purposefully chose to come to Charlotte,” says Gondha. “It seemed full of opportunities.” Quality is stressed at American Circuits; he believes it’s been the road to American Circuits’ success.
[Burke Communications, Inc.]
Creative Visionary
“The way we differentiate ourselves is our expertise, our talented employees and our technology—but mostly it’s our imagination and creativity as a team,” Jack Burke, founder of Burke Communications explains. The maven of advertising, branding and messaging says, “We like going on a journey with our clients. We want to tell a client’s story with a unique twist.”
Bridging the Skills Gap
“Our primary mission is to reinforce local and regional efforts to close the mid-skills training gap by leveraging our many years of global workforce development experience,” says Peter Wunsch, GIZ operational head in Charlotte. “We believe that we can make a substantial contribution to regional workforce development and training efforts that will, in turn, further support economic development, growth, and employment in the region.”
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