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inthisissue January 2014
[Fennebresque & Co., LLC]
Connecting Seed to Sale
“The far-reaching food value chain is rapidly evolving, and it has never been more critical for companies to understand their opportunities and vulnerabilities,” explains John C. Fennebresque Jr. of Fennebresque & Co.’s niche in the investment banking and advisory services field. “We want to assist companies that are involved in reshaping the food industry.”
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[Business Wise, Inc.]
Unlocking the Vault
Business Wise focuses exclusively on the markets they serve, and this intense local focus allows the company to provide higher quality data, something they say is the key driver of their company culture. Their goal is to provide the best database—with the most trustworthy data—so B2B professionals can more reliably generate leads and make sales.
[Carolinas HealthCare System - Behavioral Health]
No Health Without Behavioral Health
It is more than a mantra or cliché. The two seemingly disparate fields are joined at the brain, not the hip. Integration may be the long-awaited cure for the stigma associated with mental illness and the key to greater behavioral health. Carolinas HealthCare System’s Behavioral Health Center in Davidson hopes to go some ways in crossing that divide.
[Southeast Psych]
Pop Psychology
“We focus more on what’s right with people and enhancing their lives,” explains David A. Verhaagen of Southeast Psych. “We can joke and laugh and act ridiculous,” adds Frank Gaskill, “and those kinds of things make treatment more relational, personal, and relevant in people’s everyday lives. But underneath it all is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of what works in psychology.”
[Rinehart Wealth Management]
Trust and Objectivity as Investment Tools
“I’m a big believer in fiduciary responsibility, and that is what we are committed to,” states Mary Rinehart of Rinehart Wealth Management, a fee-only financial advisors company. “When we invest your assets, you are the sole beneficiary. I’m going to give you the best advice I can, and I won’t put anything in my back pocket.”
[publisher's Post]
Let’s Not Take It For Granted!
The Succession (and Exit) Planning Process
Rolling Forecast: The Budget Alternative
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