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inthisissue October 2013
Blue Cross to the Rescue
In addition to providing access to benefits for all North Carolinians in the new health exchange, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is changing the health care model itself, away from fee-for-service to more outcome-based reimbursement models that reward higher quality and greater efficiency.
[Ballantyne Center for Dentistry]
Service with a Smile
Smiling correlates with greater trust, increased financial earnings, and enhanced interpersonal cooperation. Whether you’re seeking cosmetic or restorative dentistry at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, or relief from headaches and migraines at Charlotte Headache Doctors, Drs. Yaste and Hufanda can make you your best you!
[Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Cancer Institute]
Quest for Rational Care
Dr. Derek Raghavan is on a quest to build CHS Levine Cancer Institute into a world-class treatment center emphasizing his visions for rational care: accessibility, consistency, patient participation, care for the underserved, value not volume, and continued innovation. His progress is well underway.
[Chelsea Therapeutics International, Ltd.]
The Orphan Drug Space: A New Frontier
“We develop drugs for patients who represent a high unmet medical need,” says CEO Joe Oliveto of Chelsea Therapeutics. He refers to those with rare, often little-known medical conditions or orphan diseases historically ignored by the pharmaceutical power players.
[See The Matrix Incorporated]
Riding Hard to Find Virtual Solutions
As effectively as Neo in The Matrix, enterprise-level IT services firm See the Matrix discerns the binary code to manage the functional, security and cost requirements of any size organization. Owner Troy Rice rides just as hard to find virtual solutions as he does in motocross events.
[publisher's Post]
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