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inthisissue July 2013
The World of Work: Postsecondary Education Critical in the New Economy
Rapid technological change has been destroying jobs faster than it is creating them. Productivity is at record levels, innovation has never been faster, and yet at the same time, median income has been falling and there are fewer jobs. Technology is advancing so fast, our skills and organizations aren’t keeping up. This recession is accelerating the shift to jobs requiring postsecondary education. Postsecondary education and training is critical to helping workers navigate this transformation successfully—colleges and universities are only one piece of the puzzle, roughly 35 percent. The rest consists of on-the-job training, formal employer-provided education programs, military training, apprenticeships, and a variety of other programs.
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[Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools]
Teaching for the 21st Century
Superintendent Heath Morrison acknowledges that, “The biggest challenge for today’s graduates is the changing landscape of jobs now and in the future. What we need to do is equip students with the skills they’ll need to be part of a true 21st century workforce. Either we’re going to invest in technology and make our students globally competitive or we’re not.”
[Charlotte Works]
Educate Empower Engage
“Charlotte Works is set up to help anyone. People think of it as the unemployment office but we’re really the opposite,” says CEO Steve Partridge. “We may not be the ‘just in time’ solution all the time, but we can create a pipeline. I never want an employer to tell us that they are unhappy to be in the Charlotte community because they can’t find talent here.”
[Pappas Properties, LLC]
Placemaking and Community Building
“At Pappas Properties, we have a vision when it comes to real estate development. It’s called Placemaking and Community Building, the studied art of designing a place where people can live, businesses can flourish, and where a wide range of activities are available all year long,” says founder Peter A. Pappas. That vision is again exemplified in Sharon Square.
[Latin Labor Staffing]
The Latin Labor Difference
For workers with low skills or spotty work histories, finding employment can be very frustrating. One avenue to full-time employment is temporary work, and Latin Labor Staffing excels in finding temporary work opportunities that can often provide a regular employment record and lead to full-time employment.
[Andujar Construction, Inc.]
Design + Build: A Better Approach
Ken Andujar’s design+build approach allows for design quality, while controlling costs and schedules, ensuring timely completion of projects. Together with his talent and a “Never say no” mantra, he’s built a multi-million dollar commercial construction business that has successfully weathered the economic storms of the last few years.
A Brief Review: Health Care Insurance Changes as a Result of The Affordable Care Act
Should I Sell My Business Now? Why Owners Choose Not to Sell
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