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inthisissue June 2013
Exporting Globally
Director Greg Sizemore says there are a number of key benefits of exporting in addition to simply growing the market for products or services. He points out that business cycles vary around the world, and when growth slows in one place, it’s often accelerating somewhere else. Exporting allows a company to offset a downturn in one region by looking for new opportunities in another. Exporting may also allow a company to extend the life cycle of their products by introducing them into new markets. Products that no longer sell in the U.S. often still have viable markets abroad, particularly in the developing world.
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[Boxman Studios, LLC]
Building Sustainable Immersive Brand Environments
David Campbell has harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit and big-picture thinking to build a unique business that turns decommissioned shipping containers into incredible brand experiences. Boxman Studios is at the leading edge of shipping container architecture, providing immersive brand environments.
[Argus Fire Control]
The Spark of Success
President Mike Viniconis states it simply, “If we had not expanded overseas, we would not exist. We couldn’t have survived on domestic business. Exports kept us alive and now the profitability of exports allows us to grow. Exports of this E Award-winning company’s products are 80 percent of their total sales.
[Tides and Times Group USA, Inc.]
Branching Across Continents
Since 2009, this Charlotte-headquartered exporter of hardwood lumber to Asia has purchased, reopened and improved eight facilities in the Carolinas and Virginia, creating jobs and revitalizing the region’s lumber industry. Future plans include expansion into New York, Pennsylvania and other Northern states.
[UNC Charlotte Office of Technology Transfer]
Transforming Ideas into Commercial Innovations
Schools like MIT and Stanford that have huge research budgets dwarf UNC Charlotte in terms of raw numbers of patent filings, patents issued, and startup companies, but on a ‘per dollar spent on research’ basis, UNC Charlotte is consistently among the most efficient universities at turning our research into practical applications.
[publisher's Post]
Implementing the Affordable Care Act
Is NOW The Time to Sell Your Business?
Amaze the Customer
Self-Rental of Business Real Estate: Are you effectively covering your assets?
Cybersecurity for Small Businesses: Protecting Your Identity
Comprehending Comprehensive Immigration Reform
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