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inthisissue January 2013
Creating Our Own Supercollider
Gallup CEO Jim Clifton describes the global jobs war and what he thinks every leader must know about the future of job creation—that universities have, by design, the best ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation and are our most differentiating global strength in this war for jobs. Clifton seems to be describing UNC Charlotte—the Charlotte Research Institute (CRI), in particular. According to Chancellor Phil Dubois, “CRI’s message is crystal clear—the University is open to business.”
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[Saprex, LLC]
Man on Fire
Saprex seeks to expedite the innovation and development cycle for advanced material and subsequent products. Its customers are manufacturers who are challenged to find and manage solutions to risks involving extreme environments such as fire, high-heat, cut or chemical attack.
[Dot Metrics Technologies, Inc.]
Dot Metrics Makes A Splash
Dot Metrics Technologies, a Charlotte-based technology company, in conjunction with the Charlotte Research Institute at UNC Charlotte, has developed a new cutting-edge technology product that can purify water in a compact system using mercury-free ultraviolet LEDs.
[Wilmar, Inc.]
Working In Your Best Interest
At Wilmar, leasing is only one element of the company’s offerings. From fuel management to acquisition and financing, they provide customers with a full a la carte menu of services designed to help make the most beneficial fleet decisions for their companies.
[Park Sterling Bank]
Banking on a Community
The story of Park Sterling Bank is actually two stories. The first story is about the startup and growth of a bank from the idea and vision of a handful of people. The second story, as important as the first, is about a sense of community and an understanding of a region.
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My Forecast for 2013 is Quite Rosy!
Alphabet Soup—Explaining Employee Benefits in Layman’s Terms
More Than Just A Photo - What images say about your business and how to improve them
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