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inthisissue October 2012
Game Changers
The post-Panamax-sized passageway of the Panama Canal Expansion Project and the intermodal facility at Charlotte-Douglas Airport will impact global trading patterns, increasing trade to and demand for logistics and distribution on the East Coast. Given Charlotte’s prime geographic location with direct access to deep-water ports and rail, trucking and air freight and intermodal capabilities, will the Panama Canal Expansion be a boost or a boom for Charlotte?
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[Bonded Logistics, Inc.]
Logistically Speaking
Bonded Logistics, Inc. performs services for companies that are looking to outsource their distribution and storage needs; providing secure warehouse space and maintaining staff and equipment to handle distribution or packaging needs.
[Daniel, Ratliff & Company]
It All Adds Up
Daniel, Ratliff & Company is passionate about being one of the best accounting firms in the Charlotte region. The named founders share their pride in the business with the succeeding team now in place. Their success is mirrored in the success of their clients.
[Forest2Market, Inc.]
Seeing The Forest for the Trees
Forest2Market, Inc. describes that they do: “What Bloomberg did really well was develop analytical tools so their users could track the particular metrics that were important to them. We do essentially the same thing but for specific metrics in the pulp and paper, sawmill, timberland and related industries.
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