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inthisissue June 2012
Securing the Homefront
For five days in early September, the eyes of the world will turn to Charlotte as the 2012 Democratic National Convention comes to town. Chief Rodney Monroe of the CMPD is the point man for public safety and convention security. Under his leadership, Charlotte has seen crime rates fall to their lowest levels in decades. Now with the DNC coming to town, Chief Monroe has a whole new responsibility—ensuring a safe and trouble-free convention.
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[Proffitt Family Cattle Company]
Bovine Bliss
Life down on the farm, with its roaming Scottish Aberdeen Angus cattle, is as natural as it gets. “We raise 100 percent grassfed, grass-finished beef on USDA certified organic pastures,” says Shelley Proffitt Eagan, a second generation farmer and co-owner of the only organic beef operation in North Carolina.
[F.D.Y., Inc.]
Customized Dining by the Numbers
Thirty years ago Floyd D. Young started his food service company because he had seen the food industry “from the highest to the lowest,” and had learned “what to do and what not do.” He was determined to bring quality food and quality service to the Carolinas. Today FDY is one of the largest minority-owned food service companies in America.
[Harper Corporation of America]
On a Roll…
Family-owned and operated Harper Corporation of America is the largest worldwide manufacturer of high precision anilox rolls, as well as gravure and coating rollers and related machinery and supplies. It’s a safe bet that if it’s a package that’s printed, coated and involves precision, they’re involved.
[TPM of Charlotte, LLC]
What will you create today?
“Anything that needs a design, pretty much uses CAD software. Software is the core of our business,” say TPM team members. TPM offers digital solutions including Autodesk and Solidworks software solutions, and the latest in print technologies and document management solutions for businesses. Its Color Lab is the Carolina’s largest provider of large-format graphics.
[Mantissa Corporation]
Conveying Genius
Mantissa’s solutions support material handling all over the world, from Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. to China. A typical Mantissa solution is a combination of conveyer belts, trays and discharge chutes with patented control systems. Andrew Fortenbury acknowledges that the equipment looks like an 800-foot racetrack inside a commercial building.
[publisher's Post]
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