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inthisissue February 2012
Energizing the Workforce
Phrases like “workforce development” and “employee empowerment” get tossed around in business quite a bit, but at Siemens nothing gets tossed around lightly—not safety precautions, not the multi-ton sections of turbine equipment, and certainly not the concept of workforce development. When the company seriously considered moving the plant offshore, it was workforce development—combined with lean manufacturing and better process control—that turned the plant around, demonstrating that Charlotte is a powerful place to be.
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[Marand Builders, Inc.]
On Time and On Budget
“When I first started, I discovered that, with the abundance of work available in the construction industry, a certain level of mediocrity had settled in. I wanted to go in the opposite direction,” says President Francisco Alvarado of his Southeastern general contracting company. “We welcome high expectations. We have no room for mediocrity.”
[PROSHRED Charlotte]
Protecting Proprietary Information from Prying Eyes
People want your company’s information—some not in a good way. They want to peek at your trade secrets or steal your customers’ bank and credit card numbers or your employees’ Social Security numbers and more. Owner David Wright wants you to know how to protect your company’s disposal of sensitive information and help you comply with privacy laws.
[Mellow Mushroom]
Crazy, Man! Groovy!!
No two Mellow Mushrooms look alike, and the Myers Park and Ballantyne stores are no exception—but their décor is exceptional. With a prominence of tie-dye and colorful mushrooms, each is unique in their eclectic ’70s feel. Co-owners Marc Kieffer and Stephen Small make sure the fresh stone baked pizzas are as much of an art form.
FireFold Ignites Networking and Connectivity
Christopher Grouse liked the name because it evoked images of data traveling like fire through cables with his business in the “fold” of it. His company does offer virtually every kind of connection or cable imaginable. “Your product is only as good as the company behind it,” he says, encouraging employees to continue the company’s record of excellent customer service.
[Mooresville Ice Cream Company, LLC]
Scooping a Double-Dip
Since 1924, generations of ice cream lovers have been able to enjoy locally made Deluxe Ice Cream, including the famous Deluxe Nutty Cone and the Mooresville Bar. Now the company is introducing its Front Porch Carolina Churned Ice Cream brand featuring Southern-inspired flavors.
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Charlotte 2030: a Global Intersection of Commerce
What CAN You Find Out About That Job Applicant?
User Involvement in IT Testing
Think Pay-per-click is dead? Think again.
Starting a New Business in 2012? Read this first.
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