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inthisissue November 2000
Smart Growth
Dr. Pamela Lewis wants to take the McColl School of Business at Queens College to the next level. Here's the plan.
The Doctor Is In
Local entrepreneur Don Doctor thinks he has the cure for companies that need a fresh transfusion of ideas on how to manage their technology resources.
enabling the visionary
LogoNation's founder knew how his company needed to grow, and looked to Matthews software developer InSite to show him the way.
[publisher's Post]
do elections reflect our personal indifference and lack of involvement?
Politics has been in my blood for much of my adult life. Ever since my early days in college in the late sixties, I have been involved in political campaigns of one sort or another. From campus student movements to mayoral, congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial races, I have been engaged in campaigns in nearly every election cycle.
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