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inthisissue December 2011
Moving to Center Stage
“Our students, faculty and alumni are the thought leaders of Charlotte,” says Wake Forest Dean of Business Steve Reinemund. “It’s only fitting that we move to the center of this vibrant business community; we want to be at the center of business thought leadership in Charlotte.” “Charlotte has the largest concentration of our alumni in the country—more than 6,000 graduates. We want this facility to be a place they can call their second home,” adds Dr. Yvonne Hinson, Dean of Charlotte Programs.
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[Morton's/Charlotte LLC]
Something Special
In the three decades of Morton’s existence, they have maintained an exact vision: Quality, consistency and genuine hospitality. According to General Manager Loney Felder, “We want everything to be perfect. We want people to know that we care and that we appreciate them coming in. There should never be a guest who hasn’t been ‘wowed.’”
[iMapCharlotte] is an easy-to-use interactive platform on which to explore, navigate and discover everything that Charlotte has to offer—from amusement parks to plumbers. Its unique location-based marketing approach allows businesses to demonstrate their products and services, delivering customers to their front door.
[Morgan Chair, Inc.]
Family Firm Fabricates Furniture
According to Jesse Morgan, vice president of this family-owned and operated custom design and reupholstery firm, “We’ve been able to grow so much so quickly because of our flexibility. As a small firm we have the flexibility to shift focus quickly. When the residential market is down, as it is currently, we can concentrate on the commercial market which is strong now.”
[Suite 1000]
The Nerve Center
“The whole call-center industry has changed dramatically over the years,” says President Laurie Leonard. “It used to be a simple, paper-based business. You were just a glorified message-taker. That has completely changed with the rise of the Internet. Now, we can interact with our clients’ own software applications. We can become an actual extension of their company.”
[Commercial Flooring Solutions, Inc.]
Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.
“Truly world-class service is vanishing in today’s business environment”, laments President Michael Crippen. “We seek to make every interaction with our clients a positive one, and to consistently go above and beyond the call. We are not in the customer satisfaction business; we are in the customer delight business!”
[publisher's Post]
A Prescription for Getting Back to Work
Is Obesity a Disability?
Failing to Plan (and Planning as Usual) is a Plan for Failure
Advances in Mobile Web Technologies Dial Up New Customers
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