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inthisissue November 2011
Targeting Growth Companies
Among the things that set Deloitte apart is their commitment to bring the same level of service to companies with revenues under $1 billion. In fact, the middle market represents 80 percent of the firm’s Carolina audit clients, through Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services. Managing Partner Theresa Drew says middle market companies form the backbone of the American economy and also, “We think they will be the companies that will really bring us completely out of this recession.”
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[Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.]
The Right Wavelength
“The alternatives for listeners have increased tremendously,” Charlie Wilkinson acknowledges, “but our listenership remains strong and has grown. Clear Channel has changed with technology. Fans today can listen to us on air, engage with us online, stream music through their computer, or access us wherever they go through smartphones and handheld devices.”
[Tropical Nut & Fruit Co.]
Greetings from Tropical!
Whatever the occasion, there’s no better greeting than a selection of tropical nuts and fruits by themselves or in freshly baked goods or healthy snack mixes from Tropical Nut & Fruit Co. headquartered right here in Charlotte. Manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities span the Southeast, and their delectable edibles are even available online through Tropical’s Nut House.
[Stafford Consulting Engineers, Inc.]
Why Buildings Fail
Protecting the “building envelope” during construction is essential to reducing the much higher costs involved in repairing a building damaged by water intrusion. That’s why Stafford Consulting Engineers, experts in building envelope issues, would much rather be involved at the beginning of a construction project to head off potential problems.
[Records Reduction, Inc.]
Taking a Byte Out of Paper
“It just makes good business sense to store records digitally—both on and off-site, both online and off-line—to provide for business continuity,” says Shane Hunt. “Digital storage, including server and hosting fees, as well as fireproof boxes for storing CDs and DVDs are easily attainable and inexpensive. There’s just no reason not go digital wherever possible.”
[Knowmad Technologies]
Advancing Online
William McKee and Diona Kidd describe the mission of Knowmad Technologies as helping their clients advance their businesses online. This involves enhancing online brand visibility, creating Web-based sales and lead generation engines, and optimizing online revenue. They liken their mission to being sherpas in the way of the Web.
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