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inthisissue October 2011
Building a City for the Future
At a time when the non-profit sector is still reeling from the after-effects of the recession, the Arts & Science Council (ASC) has been transforming itself, and Charlotte, toward a bright future. In fact, ASC President Scott Provancher wants to see our city become an innovator in the national cultural sector: “We have such great intellectual capital and creativity in this community. We need to be more aggressive and think a lot bigger for our institutions.”
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[All About the Pipes Plumbing, Inc.]
Plumb Crazy to Please Customers
“We treat our employees and customers with respect, show up on time and strive for excellence in our work—and we don’t forget the little things, like calling a customer to tell them we’re on our way or wearing shoe covers to protect a customer’s floor,” owner Chris Vigna says. “We want the customer to be satisfied. We don’t just want a job; we want to gain a customer for life.”
[Tattoo Projects, LLC]
Making Their Mark
“We’re very aggressive,” says Buffy McCoy Kelly of the ad firm, one of this year’s Advertising Age Small Ad Agencies of the Year. We push our clients to step outside their comfort zones, and take risks. If they’re nervous, we know we’re doing our job right.” Co-director Rudy Banny agrees, saying, “We work hard to create awesome results that get our clients noticed.”
[H.E.A.T. Pro Fitness]
Provoking Life-Changes
“There’s nothing I would trade for this profession. I can help every person who walks through that door to change their life. That’s the best thing about this business. I can change people’s lives for the better,” says ex-All American pro football player, Tony George. When asked about his biggest challenge, he smiles and says, “Getting people to see that their lives will change.”
[Urban Ministry, Inc. & Central Avenue Pictures L.L.C]
A Love For The Game
This film being produced by Central Avenue Pictures celebrates Urban Ministry Center’s Street Soccer 945 program for overcoming homelessness, which produces a bond and level of accountability between coach and player and the players with each other that transfers into real life confidence and ‘I’ve got your back’ support, foster larger contributions to society.
[Greenspring Energy]
Turning Green into Gold
Greenspring Energy is one of the largest solar energy providers from the mid-Atlantic to the Carolinas. “There has never been a better time to get a solar electric system on your home or business,” offers Jay Radcliffe. “With utility rate increases, incentives and prices are creating a compelling story: Solar is one of the best investments you can make.”
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Unintended Consequences of Incentives or It seemed like the right thing
Are the Baseline Calculations of Your KPIs Hampering Your Ability to Drive Real Improvement?
Getting LinkedIn to More Business Leads
What’s Your Game Plan When the IRS Calls?
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