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inthisissue June 2011
Power Player
When Shaw’s Power Group named Charlotte as its new headquarters in 2007, it confirmed the Charlotte region’s transformation from longtime banking center to burgeoning hub for power generation, alternative energy and energy-related manufacturing companies. To CEO Clarence Ray, energy companies have realized, ‘If we want to be part of the action, we need to have a presence in Charlotte.’”
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[Hensley Fontana Public Relations & Marketing]
Turning the Tables
The Hensleys have developed the Charlotte Restaurant Week concept into a huge marketing tool for the participating mid- to high-end restaurants. “For restaurants, it’s a month-long marketing blitz,” says Bruce. “For diners, it provides an opportunity to explore fine culinary options in the Queen City at a bargain price.”
[Medallion Athletic Products, Inc.]
Building Fields of Dreams
“In the past, artificial turf was too expensive and sometimes uncomfortable and unsafe to play on. Today it is comfortable, affordable and a sensible option for growing athletic and recreational communities,” says Matt Broughton, whose firm offers artificial turf systems and track surfaces in addition to other athletic products.
[The Darton Group, LLC]
Accounting for People
The Darton Group’s intense focus on people attracts high-quality clients and employees alike. From day one, to everyone who comes in their doors, Mark Weber and Michelle Rivas offer the same advice and training they follow in their business: Focus on people. Make calls, meet people, attend social events, do lunch, build your network, spread the word.
[Henricks Corporate Training & Development, Inc.]
Stepping Outside Sales Boundaries
“Once you understand the real reasons behind people’s buying decisions, then you can work with a motivated individual, and address their real concerns,” says Bob Henricks. “Hence, we offer a ‘truth serum,’ but don’t push products or services. It’s okay for your prospect to say no.”
[Organic Plant Health, Inc.]
Organic Growth
“Overuse of synthetic fertilizers and irrigation systems can make a landscape look green and beautiful for a brief period of time, but it’s all eye candy. It’s steroidal growth on an IV drip of irrigation,” says Billy Styles. He advocates using organic-based products to reduce the need for watering by 75 percent and bring the diversity back to the urban soil.
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Reflecting on Transformations
SaaS Sales Tax
Being in the Top 10 percent
More Facebook ‘Face’ Lift Techniques
Grads—Invest in the Value of You, Inc.
Expanded Form 1099 Reporting Requirements Repealed
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