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inthisissue April 2011
Putting Charlotte Front and Center
Many in Charlotte know Tim Newman’s name and face, but few understand the real meaning of the work he and his team do, and why it matters so much to our city. Charged with marketing Charlotte as a destination, he has worked to elevate the city as a contender for major convention and tourism opportunities, and succeeded in the case of the Democratic National Committee Convention next year. Newman is very clear about the CRVA’s goals for the future and the challenges he needs to address.
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[Eastover Investment Advisors, LLC]
Simplicity and Transparency
David Morgan and Don Toney describe their private firm as a client-centric, affording more personalized, consultative service. The firm currently holds over $175 million under management and has 15-year-plus relationships with the majority of their clients. Advocating simplicity and transparency, they are bullish on communication and customer service.
[Livingston & Haven, LLC]
Driving Efficiency
L&H is a family-owned motion-control engineering company that problem-solves to help manufacturers work smarter. With its high fabrication capabilities, its engineering solutions can look more like artwork than industrial tools. As Clifton Van IV points out, “We provide an off-balance-sheet engineering resource for our clients without them having to bear that cost.”
[Waypoint Solutions Group, LLC]
Navigating the Sea of Technology
“We are the IT department for many small and medium-sized companies,” says Dan Wilson, CEO of Waypoint Solutions Group. “We offer an entire spectrum of services from day-to-day desktop support and email hosting to higher end security and managed services with maintenance and monitoring.” “We’re passionate about technology,” says Tony Shannon.
[Hankins & Whittington Funeral Service]
Celebrating Memories
“Undeniably, the funeral home handles the needs that arise upon a death. But many of their services are intended for the living. We seek to help the family go away from this experience knowing that they have truly honored their loved one’s memory,” says Ken Poe. He and his staff have been serving Charlotte for over 60 years.
[Ameritech Die & Mold, Inc.]
Fitting the Mold
Ameritech designs and builds molds for the plastic industry. “Successful companies are all about creating solutions,” says founder Steve Rotman. “We learn the customer’s business and become an asset to that business.” Ameritech has transitioned from being a mold maker to a mold manufacturer without losing the quality and innovation that had made its reputation.
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