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inthisissue October 2000
the master of madness
Bill Little conjurs buildings. As a self-appointed "Master of Madness", he exercises a management style emphasizing madness over method. And, whether by fortuitious circumstances or dogged determination, he has performed magic for Little & Associates Architects.
the hauntrepreneur
Magician, circus ringmaster, and now costumer Philip Morris claims to have been burned alive, buried alive, and driven cars blindfolded to amuse an adoring public in his 50+ year career. His alter ego, Dr. Evil, enthralled and horrified local audiences in theaters and on late night television from the 1950s through the 1970s. But he has another ace up his sleeve for those who just can't get enough of Halloween.
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leveling the playing field
iReadyWorld's technology service is helping small to mid-sized businesses compete with industry leaders.
Mr. Hospitality
Greg Panos never intended to become a hotel magnate. Even with a background in finance, he had to be goaded into it. In an industry with so many designations, he never expected to succeed.
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is north carolina losing the race?
In the past year, I have heard increasingly irritated comments about North Carolina (NC) taxes and more active interest in relocating to South Carolina (SC). Adding insult to injury, paying higher taxes in NC doesn't seem to deliver new and improved highways and railways quickly enough to keep up with the expanding population.
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