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inthisissue February 2011
Change for the Better
“Before March 23, 2010, we were on an unsustainable path,” asserts Brad Wilson, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. “We were a train wreck waiting to happen. Now we are on the brink of an historic opportunity. If we seize the moment and act collaboratively, we can lead the country in showing how we can improve health care…We are a major player in health care reform—we’re fully engaged in trying to make it work.”
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[Red Moon Marketing, LLC]
Shoot for the Moon
With these thoughts on his mind, Bailey looked up at his office…He had left the light on, and through its glow he could see, in one corner of the window, the giant red Coca-Cola button that hung on his wall. It looked like a large red moon illuminating the inside of his office. The future was full of opportunity…
Getting Ahead of the Curve Is Not Enough
It is no longer sufficient to get ahead of the curve. Our dynamic and global business culture implores companies to find the best ways to optimize business value, executing their developed strategies while integrating people, process, and technology effectiveness. To break away from the pack, you have to provide value every day.
[Van Hoy, Reutlinger, Adams & Dunn, PLLC]
Small Firm, Big Defense for Employers
Because their employment and health care legal practice is based on focused expertise, high-level client care and attention, and sustainable growth, all the partners agree that the future is unlikely to hold major surprises for them…and they try to ensure just as few surprises for their clients.
[Integra Staffing, LLC]
A Fish In Water
Michelle Fish says her award-winning recruitment and staffing firm has thrived because, “We are ‘intertwined’ with our clients. We know and understand their culture as well as they do. They do not have to continue to train us on the intangibles that it takes to make a specific person successful in their company.”
[AAA Carolinas]
Where The Rubber Meets The Road
“At the end of the day, it’s not about selling. AAA Carolinas offers world-class service and a commitment to build a lifetime relationship with our customers so they will choose to come to us when they need the services we have to offer,” says Dave Parsons, president and CEO.
Seeking Freelance Writers
Seeking Freelance Writers! Greater Charlotte Biz is seeking additional freelance writers to add to our distinguished staff of contributors. Writers receive assignments and are expected to research the companies, interview the principals at their place of business, and produce well-written and cohesive articles of approximately 1,800 words for publication. Please click here for more information!
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That Damn “Individual Mandate”
Tax Law Changes
Ring...Ring The Web is Calling
2011 Imperative: Keep You Eyes On The Capital
What Will the Tax Relief Act Do for Your Business in 2011?
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