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inthisissue November 2010
Orchestrating the Muzak
After 75 years, Muzak has celebrated its deliberate evolution from being recognized as the leading producer of ‘elevator music,’ to being seen as an industry vanguard for environmental brand experiences. Says CEO Steve Villa, “I am really excited that we are no longer waiting for things to happen, and are creating our own destiny. We are constantly looking at how we can grow—not just in terms of products, but also in our legacy processes.”
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[Jerald Melberg Gallery Inc.]
“The city is becoming more aware of visual art and is translating that awareness into a long-term commitment,” says Jerald Melberg. “I hope it means that we recognize that visual art adds an important component to our urban life. Works of art have, for centuries, been the primary form of man’s recording himself, others, the human condition and the environment.”
[University City Partners, Inc.]
From Suburban Outpost to Transit-Ready Urban Center
Mary Hopper was poised to help retrofit an area developed as a suburban area into a thriving commercial urban center when she was chosen as executive director. The group has benefited from strong partnerships and cultivated excellent working relationships with a wide range of government and community groups to show up the area and its many positives.
[David R. Badger, P.A.]
A Fresh Start
David Badger brings feline-like ferocity to battling creditors. Badger says when he receives a notice that a creditor wants to go to court, his first thought is: “Bring it on. We could use a change around here.” Walking through his door may be the hardest step a person ever takes, but most people walk back out feeling like an enormous weight has been lifted.
[Addison Whitney LLC]
The Naming Guys
“Our clients think of us as the naming guys although we do so much more,” says President Brannon Cashion. Their list of clients is so familiar it could be read straight from the shelves of our kitchen pantries, living rooms, garages and offices—names like Nestlé, Sara Lee, Motorola, Dell, Goodrich, Duracell, Pfizer…and these are but a fraction of their followers.
[publisher's Post]
Do What You Say You Will Do!
Overview of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010
“Point, Snap & Connect.”
Is Outsourced Accounting for You?
Plan | Do | Study | Act
What in the World Is Going On?
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