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inthisissue October 2010
Taking Pole Position
“I really want to carry on the tradition that Charlotte Motor Speedway enjoys of being the Mecca of Motorsports,” Marcus Smith says. As chief executive, he executes his responsibilities with a genuine respect and strong affinity for the fans, and is in favor of anything that heightens the fans’ enjoyment of speedway events. Tracking alongside his father’s footsteps, he says he’s learned firsthand the “incredible power of being optimistic and positive and the importance of hard work.”
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Wanted: Innovative Ideas and New Challenges
“Everyone has great ideas, but you also need the time, money and patience to see the idea start at the drawing board and make it through the process to the end product. I want people to understand the product development process and to educate them on the responsible way of doing it,” says Louis Foreman, founder and CEO, and holder of 10 patents himself.
The Midas Touch
MidasNation partners high-producing business veterans with middle-market private companies to re-design the way they do business and quickly multiply the company’s value while decreasing demands on the owner’s time. Says Rob Slee, “We’re 10x’ers, meaning we intend to increase the value of a business by at least 10 times from where we find it.”
[Harris Communications]
Defeating Dropped Calls
If you’ve ever missed an important sales call because you stepped indoors, these the guys may be your heroes. They make cell phones work in buildings. An outdoor antenna collects signals and a system of cables carries the signals throughout the inside of the building. A correctly designed system results in cell phone coverage in even the tightest interior spaces.
[Engineering Sales Association of the Southeast, Inc.]
ESSENTIAL elements of Industrial Production
Art Pue, his sons Arthur and Brandon, and their 18 employees bring a massive 340 years of combined experience to the assistance of their customers in this, their 50th year. “Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all compressed air and liquid filtration needs, including equipment, parts, service, rentals and expert consulting,” says the senior Pue.
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YOU Can Make the Tough Choices!
The Family and Medical Leave Act - Individual Liability
Stronger and Sustained ROI for your Website
Tax Savings in 2010: Considerations for Business Owners
Are You Ready for Business Process Improvement? Asking the Hard Questions for Business Process Improvement Initiatives
What China Sees When It Looks to the West
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