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inthisissue September 2010
Relationship Banking
“We approach companies in a holistic manner,” says Bob James, the president and chief executive of Fifth Third Bank’s North Carolina affiliate, recently moved to center city. “We ask questions to learn about the challenges our clients are facing. We work as a partner to find ways to help them grow and be successful long term. We get involved with their employees and senior executives to help them better manage their financial needs. We’re a relationship bank.”
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[Mountain Khakis, LLC]
From Base Camp to Boardroom
Centered solely on pants that are ‘Built for the Mountain Life,’ Mountain Khakis is one of America’s fastest growing private companies. Design, durability and attention to detail mean their pants move ‘from base camp to boardroom’ with style, making the top-performing ‘bottoms’ brand the low end price point in men’s premium stores and a high end price point in specialty outdoor stores.
[Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman, P.A.]
Walking the Walk
“Every business has a path to success…a journey of discovery, if you will,” says Robert Norris, managing partner. “We’ve traveled many roads, walking in our clients’ shoes. The true test of our merit lies in the years and decades that our clients spend with us. It is the journey we travel together—the journey that we welcome.”
[The Performance Group, Ltd.]
Restoring Lifeblood
“We align the enterprise with the ambition of the owner,” Sam Frowine says. “We grow, adapt and develop companies. We bridge the gap between what is and what could be, and we do it very quickly, 90 days at a time. My biggest satisfaction is to watch an owner embrace the belief that they are called to a responsibility as a leader and realizing they can break through to the next level.”
[Mélange Health Solutions L.L.C.]
Putting the Pieces Together
Gardner Hawkins, managing director of Mélange Health Solutions, credits their faith and commitment for success in putting the pieces together—providing holistic, community-based, culturally competent mental and behavioral health services into solutions that fit Charlotte’s neediest populations, specifically, the young and the underserved.
[Avantgarde Translations, Inc.]
Beyond the Word...Delivering the Message
Working in the world’s major languages, Memuna Williams’ firm works with all types of documents people use to transact business—a letter, legal document, brochure, financial report, product manual, food label, website material—anything people need to communicate with inside or outside constituencies. Her goal: go beyond the word…deliver the message.
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