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inthisissue July 2010
Racing Legacy
Winston Kelley perched high above the first floor and gazed down on 18 historic race cars in the Glory Road exhibit. Before he knew it, he was wiping tears. Its that compelling for somebody who has been around the sport for a long time. We said we wanted to appeal to people from 5 to 85, die-hard NASCAR fans or not, and I think we have very much achieved that objective. He adds, When you walk in the Hall of Fame, you become a fan.
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[FileVault, LLC]
The House of Information That Peck Built
Dan Peck likens records management to managing a giant haystack, pulling out needles on demand and accounting for each of them. We strive to provide a value-added service, says Peck whos developed an information dashboard for customers to see how they are doing with their record-keeping.
[LivingWell Health Solutions]
Healthy Employees = Fewer Health Claims
Tom Revels founded LivingWell to help companies control health care costs and at the same time, make people healthier by offering convenient personal services to support individuals with their health improvement efforts, and by administering financial rewards and employer incentives to employees consistent with government regulations.
[Griffin Home Health Care, Inc.]
Healthful Home Provider
When Bill Griffin decided to pursue his livelihood in the home health care products and equipment industry, he was thinking of service: I wanted to be of service to my fellow man. People dont want to need medical equipment, but sometimes they have to. So he strives to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible.
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Take Advantage of Customer Feedback!
Its Time for Home (Page) Remodeling
Ten Considerations When Selecting an Auditing Firm
Being audited by the state? Be sure your use tax is paid!
Top 5 Reasons Why Strategic Initiatives Fail and a Way to Make Success Visible
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