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inthisissue June 2010
Dual Passions
He’s chairman of the nation’s second largest string of privately held car dealerships as well as his own racing team. “I’m the luckiest person around,” Rick Hendrick is quick to admit. I get to make a living doing the two things in life I enjoy the most outside of my family.” For his singular success in dual fields, Hendrick credits people. “It’s all about these people...We’ve done this together. We’ve built these two companies together.”
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[Technekes, LLC]
The ROI of Creating Demand
Technekes bridges the gap between marketing and sales to bring buyers and sellers together, using calling programs, promotions, Web sites, micro sites, appointment setting, market research studies and direct mail, the company conceptualizes and executes multi-channel programs to drive sales for its clients.
[Bruce Julian Clothier]
True Specialty
“I’m known for the clothes having a little step in them,” Julian says of his fashion-forward reputation as a specialty clothier. He firmly believes that good clothes open all doors from the company boardroom to the golf club, and has the clientele that will attest to it. He says he buys with “pizzazz.”
[Charles Luck Stone Center]
Rocking Charlotte
A visit to Charlotte’s Charles Luck Stone Center’s studio is more than a shopping expedition: It’s an experience. Located in Pineville; the studio itself is divided into a 3,500-square-foot studio and attached 2,000-square-foot gardens artfully incorporating an entire range of stone types, finishes, and applications.
[Rose Chauffeured Transportaion, Ltd.]
Service with a Side of Showmanship
He’s an odd mix of traits, this radio-personality-turned-limo-driver who is now owner and president of Charlotte’s largest chauffeured transportation company. H.A. Thompson is a showman at heart who understands the value of providing exceptional service.
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