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inthisissue May 2010
Welcome Rebound
Brian Moynihan hopes to follow a tough year with a much more solid performance. “We are a straightforward company. We serve people, companies and investors. There’s nothing we need. It’s all here,” he says. Describing legacy Bank of America with legacy Merrill Lynch as a “business is second to none,” he points out, “We’re in a different phase. We’re not buying things, we’re not merging things… it’s really an organic growth company.” If their first quarter results are any indication, they’re definitely on the rebound.
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[James, McElroy & Diehl, P.A.]
Common Sense Isn’t Common
“As lawyers, we can read the same cases and legal encyclopedias, but how that translates into practical advice for the client will vary with the individual. Common sense takes into account the big picture to determine what is best for the client and it is that which controls the situation,” according to this firm.
[Elliott Davis, PLLC]
Deep Roots New Growth
“We don’t just churn out tax returns or audits. We give individuals and businesses advice and tools to make them smarter, more confident and able to capitalize on the opportunities that a changing world brings,” says Dan Warren. He’s looking for Charlotte to become the largest office of Elliott Davis.
[Tri/Meck Mechanical, Inc.]
Going The Extra Degree
Bill Miller has been walking around with one number in his head for some time now: 212. At 211 degrees, water is hot; at 212 degrees, it boils. Boiling water produces steam and steam can power a locomotive. It’s this “extra degree” that makes all the difference in business pursuits, athletics and life.
[HF Financial]
Above & Beyond
“The financial formula is pretty simple actually, and nothing at all new. In fact, it’s a tradition as old as the Bible, and it consists of five simple principles: Spend less than you earn, minimize debt, save 10 to 20 percent of your income, think and act long-term, and give 10 to 20 percent back,” says Tim Flanagan.
[editor's Letter]
We Need An Attitude Adjustment!
The New Health Care Law
What’s in Your Social Media Marketing “Tool Kit?”
Core Competencies—The Foundation of Strategic Thinking
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