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inthisissue April 2010
All-Seeing Sentry
Mike May has combined his policeman’s knowledge of crime-fighting tactics and surveillance, with cutting-edge technology, to turn Iverify into a premier security service for retail, banking and public-utility properties. Iverify couples the sophisticated technology of remote video and audio surveillance, with the analytical skill and quick response of human monitoring, as a capable gaurdian for real-time protection.
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[Hickory Construction Company]
Building Relationships
“This is not just a business; it’s a family,” says Mark Baucom. Although he admits it’s a hard profession, he says the satisfaction comes in making a difference—building tangible structures that will provide lasting benefits to the community for generations. “It means people can trust us.”
[University of North Carolina at Charlotte (The William States Lee College of Engineering)]
UNC Charlotte Energizes the Region
The new Energy Production and Infrastructure Center is being constructed to unite industry and education to help address a critical shortage in the intellectual capital necessary to modernize current energy production operations and facilitate the development of alternative energy sources.
[Hilldrup Moving & Storage]
Destination: Excellence
Since 1903, extraordinary service and customer care have been this company’s defining qualities. In addition to its full spectrum of moving capabilities, it also offers climate- and humidity-controlled storage for local companies. It is committed to employees as well as the community.
[Ivey Exterminating, Inc.]
Understanding The Enemy
Ten minutes listening to Marty Ivey talk about a termite, and you’ll understand that his company’s expertise in exterminating is founded in genuine admiration, a keen understanding of the enemy, and a passion for the lessons that enemy (the bug) can teach us about the world we live in.
[publisher's Post]
Woogling…Wooing Google Our Way
When It’s Not Age Discrimination
Pay-Per-Click Advertising Secrets
The New Entrepreneur: Home-based business tax considerations
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