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inthisissue February 2010
Savant Leader
“We need a concrete vision,” says CPCC President Tony Zeiss, a nationally recognized leader, speaker and resource in work force and economic development, as he contemplates the next decade for Charlotte from an educator’s viewpoint. His mission statement: “Charlotte intends to be the world’s leader in prosperity, compassion and livability.” Not surprisingly, his school figures prominently.
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[WB Moore Company of Charlotte, Inc.]
Wired For Success
Billy Graves presides over an electrical outfit that can handle a job from start to finish. “We’re one of the few firms that have a full in-house engineering team. I don’t know of any other our size in this region that has both the field talent and the engineering services to go with it.”
Fast Company
Launched in 1996 as Speedvision, it quickly became the fastest growing cable network of all time while delivering the highest male viewing audience of any cable or broadcast network in history. Today, re-branded as SPEED, Hunter Nickell sees to it that it offers programming for all things racing and automotive-related.
[Advanced Disposal Services Carolina, LLC]
A Clean Sweep of the Carolinas
Timing was perfect for Advanced Disposal and Carole McLeod to join forces last fall. Advanced Disposal is the nation’s fourth largest privately-owned environmental services company. McLeod brings a good history and they the financing and respected reputation to build a service territory.
[LaBrosse Byerly Group]
Building a Legacy
“If you focus on the client and do the right thing, everything else just follows.” These partners at Merrill Lynch live and work by that code. From scratch 30 years ago, to more than $190 million in assets today, they have built a legacy for their group on the basis of building partnerships and legacies with their clients.
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War of a Different Kind
Keeping Pace With Mobile Phone Marketing Strategies
Experience of a Job Loss
Benefiting From Your Losses: New Tax Law Could Help
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