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inthisissue October 2009
All Things Charlotte
Ann Caulkins is optimistic about the future for the region’s standard-bearing daily newspaper that has written its own story of frequent budget cuts to address intense competition in a brutal economy. She’s happy to tell the good news: online advertising is solid and growing, the Web site is more user-friendly, and readership for all The Observer’s offerings has never been higher.
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Creating A Mirror Image
LuxuryTec is neither a marketing agency nor a product manufacturer. According to its founder Brian Reid, “It is a technology company that utilizes various state of the art techniques to allow brands to reach their consumers in untraditional but valuable ways.”
[SOS Intl]
Taking Control of the Power Grid
Receiving the power we need requires everything to work flawlessly, with everyone doing the right things at the right time. Perhaps that’s why SOS Intl, a provider of training and compliance consulting, has followed that formula to success in the energy industry.
[Design Center of the Carolinas]
Collaborative Mecca
The DCC exemplifies owner Ram’s mission to develop properties of significance to the community, genuinely unique, and embue them with more value than their square footage. As they reinvigorate this property, they think things are looking up!
[Industrial Test Systems, Inc]
Testing the Waters
The Jaunakaises provide customers all over the world with instruments and chemistries to test water quality parameters for traces of elements such as arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury, providing accurate results immediately and at little cost.
[publisher's Post]
Here’s A Radical Idea!
New Approaches to Search Engine Marketing
A Sunset of Provisions
Some Business Insights From Those At The Top…
Career SWOTT Analysis
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