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inthisissue June 2009
Drawing Inspiration
If a company emphasized satisfying clients and performing inspiring work, and if it were run by partners who genuinely liked each other, that could foster long-term success. That’s what Harvey Gantt and Jeff Huberman surmised 38 years ago and their firm, Gantt Huberman Architects, thrives as a testament to that credo.
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[GMAC Financial Services]
A New Way of Doing Business
How hard has it been to keep GMAC afloat? “We’ve been engaged in hand-to-hand combat just staying alive,” says Al de Molina, CEO of the financial mega firm which has undergone as many changes in recent months as reflections off a disco ball.
[Spirit Telecom, LLC]
A Clear Path to the Information Highway
Telecom terminology can seem tedious, with phrases such as “cost-effective network solutions” supporting “multi-protocol, data environments.” Spirit Telecom spiffs up the lingo by saying they are “selling products that you watched on Star Trek and the Jetsons.”
[CharlotteTech Care Team]
When Your Network is Your Lifeline
As a champion for small business owners, Mark Crall is committed to partnering with his clients and delivering worry free IT services and has customized his business plan to meet the varying needs of small businesses.
[Avantcare, Inc.]
Breaking Through Alcohol Addiction
In the mountains of North Carolina, Avantcare, Inc. has been studying bio-chemical addiction treatment and has created Fineta, an all natural product, that company CEO Frank Gibson says “leads to a cure, not control of alcoholism.”
[publisher's Post]
Hmmm…health care special interest groups coalesce…
Add Sight, Sound and Motion to Online Communication Strategy
How to Better Manage Loan and Credit Risks and Problems
Taxing Matters
Some Business Insights From Those At The Top…
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