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inthisissue April 2009
YMCA Servant Leader
Many Carolinians know the story of Krispy Kreme. After six decades of building regional loyalty, it broke into national consciousness with success as sweet as its sugar-glazed confections. Although it has had its share of struggles since, recruited turnaround veteran Jim Morgan believes strongly in the company. His mission is to use the company’s brand to make a difference in the lives of people.
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[Ameritrust Equity Services]
Strategic Balance
While market volatility has destabilized many mortgage firms, John Owens’ team seems to operate in a parallel universe of ringing phones and exploding laughter. How has he been able to remake his firm to match the marketplace and what are his secrets to success?
[Bragg Financial Advisors, Inc]
"Life is good and getting better"
Despite trying economic times, the Bragg family sees the glass as more than half full and advises their clients accordingly. President Benton Bragg refers to a saying he often hears from his father, company founder Frank Bragg, “Life is good and getting better.”
[High South Realty, L.L.C.]
Coming Home to the Mountains
The beauty and tranquility of the High Country offers city dwellers the opportunity to escape the city and come home to privacy and peace of mind in addition to an abundance of outdoor activities and artistic attractions.
[Dilworth Coffee]
Hand-crafted Success
Don Keen and Sandy May enjoy selecting from coffee beans around the world to hand-craft their gourmet coffees. Charlotte’s oldest independent roaster and wholesaler of coffee and coffee-related products continues to be a quality leader in the marketplace.
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Small Businesses Key to Economic Recovery
Some Business Insights from Those at the Top…
Your Company Wants to File a Lawsuit? Think Again…
What To Do—Audit, Review or Compilation?
Customer Interaction “On The Go”
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