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inthisissue November 2008
Who You Gonna Call ?!
Steve Luquire’s team has become the go-to firm for so many prominent Charlotte brands. From the Charlotte USA branding campaign to the PR rollout of the First Charter-Fifth Third merger to the launch of a UNC Charlotte football team, LGA’s the firm you’re gonna call. The firm’s secret to success is building the company’s character and trust with its clients.
[Patterson Pope, Inc.]
Efficiency Experts
Patterson Pope focuses on listening to their customers and using what they learn to make their lives organized and simple. Smart design, flawless execution and great service are how they make space and stuff simple.
[CPCC American Academy of Applied Forensics]
Crime Time
Readers may have seen the CSI programs so popular on prime time. Off screen, like methods of investigative work are being played out in real life with state-of-the-art equipment at the American Academy of Applied Forensics at CPCC.
[Onxley Architecture, P.A.]
The Renaissance Man
Stephen Onxley has designed everything from churches to restaurants, residences to hotels, all with good results for the client, giving the 30-year veteran experience in managing a variety of projects, through all phases of design and construction.
[Falcon Metal Corporation]
The Falcon Way
President Don Nowak describes their business model as an amalgam of lean manufacturing and open-book management, which allows them to focus on developing supply systems that help reduce the Total Procurement Cost for their customers.
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