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inthisissue July 2000
rescue 911
In April 2000, Charlotte's Nalle Clinic closed, leaving 175,000 patients, their records and their physicians with an uncertain future. Novant Health/Presbyterian Healthcare quickly extended a lifeline to Nalle's physicians and patients. Here's how they did it and why.
a personal venture
For entrepreneurs in the middle market looking for venture capital or acquisition, Marion Bass Securities Corp., a Charlotte-based privately owned regional investment banking and brokerage firm, may be the difference between vision and reality.
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e-asy money
Osprey is migrating its business to the brave new world of e-commerce. The company's future now depends on whether or not its new strategy will fly.
[publisher's Post]
who wants to be an entrepreneur?
With the dot com explosion and multi-million dollar IPO's occurring literally overnight in this new high-tech economy, our ideas of what constitutes an entrepreneur have been somewhat distorted.
symbol price change
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