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inthisissue June 2008
Gourmet Graduates
Fresh from graduating its first four-year class, Johnson & Wales University has taken its place as a major influence in the Queen City and the 16-county region. Many people agree with President Art Gallagher that the area would be much different today without the school that offers instruction in business and hospitality curricula as well as its marquee discipline of culinary arts.
[Windshear, Inc.]
Shear Energy
Windshear is already creating buzz around the region and beyond as the only commercially available full-scale, single-belt, rolling road wind tunnel of its kind in North America. Their technology has them positioned to change and advance the racing industry.
[Meeting Street Builders, LLC]
Drawing on the past to create the communities of today
Joe Roy’s Meeting Street communities have distinguishing marks of quality, blending modern advances with classic styles in superior locations giving their customers a sense of belonging, pride and easy access to the active lifestyles they lead.
[The Finley Group, Inc.]
Corporate Lifeline
Turnaround Management was still a boutique industry when The Finley Group was formed in 1985, making them one of the country’s first firms focused solely on pulling companies through severe financial crises.
[Peak 10, Inc.]
High-Tech Guardians
Hardware and software can be replaced, but data is invaluable to any business. There is a growing need for backup, safe storage and redundancy of that data and it is Peak 10’s business to make sure their critical business data and enterprise remains secure.
[publisher's Post]
Top of Mind Awareness in Rough Times
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