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inthisissue December 2007
Leading The Way
Having just celebrated their 50th anniversary and looking forward to the opening of their 50th office the Charlotte region, the Triad, and the Triangle, Pat Riley believes they’ve only begun. The region’s largest and most productive residential real estate firm, they are ranked ninth largest among the top 500 real estate brokerage firms nationally and fifth largest among the privately owned, non-franchised brokers.
[DEB SBS, Inc.]
Suds Above The Rest
The hygienically correct hands of 75 workers at an eastern Gaston County factory figuratively touch millions of grubby paws throughout the United States. These 150 hands help manufacture hundreds of cleansing products for institutions such as airports, hospitals and schools.
[Halo Technologies, Inc.]
The Science of Clean
Halo Technologies is an amazing success story in which a couple of entrepreneurs combined what they knew with what they wanted, and brought an entirely new product to the marketplace: the world’s first and only germ killing vacuum.
[The Carolina Photo Group, Inc.]
The View From Up There
Larry Harwell didn’t get into photography the “traditional” way. Instead, he happened upon it one summer in college. What started out as a hobby eventually led him down the road to self discovery and a life-changing career move.
[Hood, Hargett and Associates, Inc.]
Tailored Insurance
From the outset, it looks like just another brick business building, but venture inside, and you’ll find loyal employees working to find the best insurance premiums for their clients, all under the management and watchful eye of Chuck Hood.
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Is Our Political System Quacking?
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