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inthisissue June 2000
nerves of steel
Once a local powerhouse, Southern Engineering had gone bankrupt. For the past six years, Charles Saleh has been restoring it the hard way: one employee, one supplier and one customer at a time.
a capital idea
Julie Garella and Michelle Maidt didn't plan on targeting women when they launched their investment firm three years ago. But now they have a passion for educating women about their personal finances.
information technology: crossing the digital divide
Traditional businesses are turning to Internet-savvy consultants to help them cross over into the uncharted world of e-business.
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like television, only different
These local broadband pioneers are developing a big audience for classic TV shows and movies over the Internet.
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is it a lot to ask?
My father worked at Bethlehem Steel in Burns Harbor, Indiana. My mother taught business education at the one and only high school in Michigan City, Indiana. They were quite emphatic that I stay focused on school and college and get my "degree" before testing the job market. They made it clear that school was first, but it was also up to me to earn my own spending money. Their commitment and dedication to work and our family gave me a real appreciation for education, work ethic and family values.
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