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April 2008
It’s good to know the neighbors...
By John Paul Galles

Dear Mr. Galles:


We saw an ad in your magazine in late 2005 for Larner’s Office Furniture.


We contacted them to supply the furniture for our new offices in Charlotte—which they installed in early 2006.


Two and a half years later, we have used them for not only that new Charlotte office, but our current 2008 new office expansion, and for the offices in four new clubhouses in our newest living centers.


I suspect that the Larner’s ad spending with you has paid off handsomely for them. Feel free to use my letter with any advertisers of yours which wonder if advertising with you is effective.


Yours truly,

Donald O. Thompson, Jr., President

Senior Living Communities, LLC

     Thank you, Mr. Thompson. And thank you for reading Greater Charlotte Biz magazine!

     We are so pleased that you are pleased with Larner’s Office Furniture. We are honored to work with Larner’s and all of our advertisers. We are especially pleased that they provide quality products and serve their customers so well.

     We are proud to be the vehicle chosen by our advertisers to reach out to our more than 100,000 readers each month. In this increasingly cookie-cutter out-sourced world, we are proud to be able to offer a locally produced and locally printed publication about local businesses and for the benefit of the local business community.

     We work hard to provide good stories that business people want to read. We are committed to producing a publication worthy of your time and attention. We strive it to make each issue attractive, colorful and stimulating. We want you to learn about the talented business people “in your neighborhood” so that you can be even more successful in your business. We also want you to connect with our advertisers and learn how they can be helpful to you. We encourage you to support local businesses whenever possible.

     Another advertiser wrote: “After advertising for two years in Greater Charlotte Biz, we have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing its impact on our customers, prospects and friends…this advertising is priceless in establishing our image and our message in the Charlotte region.”

     Charlotte may be growing rapidly, but I think we’d still like to think of ourselves as friendly neighbors to each other. And especially with the exponential growth we are experiencing, it certainly is good to know your neighbors.

     Give us a call. We would like to help you build your brand and expand your identity in our local marketplace. We’re in the neighborhood. Let’s find a way to work together for even greater success and profit.


John Paul Galles is the publisher of Greater Charlotte Biz.
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